Who Are We?

The New St. Matthew Missionary Baptist Church is, in fact, a church as outlined in The Holy Bible. As a result, the New St. Matthew Missionary Baptist Church’s past, present, and planned activities are the following:
1. The glorification of God through the proclamation to all the world of the gospel of Jesus Christ as the only way of salvation;
2. The preaching and teaching of the whole council of God as revealed by the Holy Scriptures (the Holy Bible);
3. The holy worship of the Triune God in word and in music;
4. The administration of the ordinances of Christ’s church as outlined in the Holy Bible;
5. The establishment of Christian education;
6. The exercise of charitable care for the brethren and beyond;
7. To seek the salvation of the lost through the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ;
8. To adhere to the preaching of the gospel for reproof, rebuke, and
exhortation of the Saints and non-believers;
9. To teach the doctrine of the scriptures as outlined in the Holy Bible;
10. To promote and encourage faith-filled prayer;
11. To dignify and support the Gospel Ministry of Jesus Christ;
12. To aid in the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ within its
associational limits and throughout the world; and
13. To promote Christian Fellowship.