In the year of our Lord, Nineteen hundred and twenty-six, in the month of February, the late Rev. Matthew Myers founded and established the St. Matthew M.B. Church at 1014 E. Yukon Street. Rev, Myers, along with the founding members of this Church, originated from Spring Hill M.B. Church. The original structure was small and built of wood and built on land donated by Rev. Myers.

From nineteen hundred twenty six through nineteen hundred fifty five, St. Matthew was pastored by the following: Rev. Matthew Myers, Rev. Scott, Rev. Bly and Rev. Dukes.

In nineteen hundred and fifty four, the late Rev. C.C. Carr began his pasturage at St. Matthew. As the membership began to grow, it included the Carr, Davis, Harriston, Sheppard, Mintos, Jackson, Knighton, Barnum, Waters, Curry, Williams, Jones, Wright and several other families.

After Rev. Carr’s tenure was completed in nineteen hundred and sixty one, the late Rev. G. E. Edwards became the Sheppard of the flock until nineteen hundred and sixty eight. From nineteen hundred and sixty eight to nineteen hundred seventy, the Church was pastured by the late Rev. L.W. Williams,

Rev. G. E. Edwards returned in nineteen hundred and seventy and served faithfully for thirty four years and nine months. The Congregation of St. Matthew grew spiritually under Rev. Edward’s leadership. Under his leadership, the old Church was physically expanded to include an office space, finance room, and dining facility hat were also used as classroom space. Additional property was purchased across the street and also a lot directly behind the church.

In the year of 1996, the Lord called Rev. Edwards home to glory. In August 1996, the Lord placed Rev. W.J. Haynes as the Shepherd of the St. Matthew’s flock. Rev. Haynes served as Pastor of the Church until August 2004. Under the leadership of Pastor Haynes, many accomplishments were achieved. The Building Fund continued to prosper leading to the purchase and obtainment of the current facilities located here at 1006 S. 50th Street. The prefix “New” was added to the Church’s name to become the New St. Matthew Missionary Baptist Church. Rev T. R. Coverson provided leadership of the New St. Matthew family from July 2005 until December 2005. He displayed a great love for family values and enthusiasm to teach the word of God.

On November 29, 2006, the Lord led the Church Body to call Reverend Alec F. Hall as the next pastor of New St. Matthew. Since his acceptance, the church membership and its finances have increased tremendously. Brand new air conditioners for the main sanctuary have been purchased, the main sanctuary has been newly painted, other improvements to the overall church structure have been completed, including the complete renovation of the Rev. G.E. and Bertha Edwards Chapel.  Other recent improvements are the purchase of a Digital Church Sign, and new pulpit furniture for the sanctuary.  The business transactions of the church remain open for membership review and there are quarterly business meetings.

Under Pastor Hall’s leadership, five deacons have been ordained along with five deaconesses; the Youth Department has been revamped and is growing tremendously; a young adult ministry has been started; there is a Praise Team; there are Praise Dancers, a Drama Ministry, the Women’s Ministry, and a Trustee Ministry was created. The church also has a website and all are able to view the church services live each Sunday. In addition, a new sound system has been installed, beautiful crosses are displayed in the sanctuary, and the foyer has been redecorated.

 In October 2011, the mortgage for the current property was satisfied. Through faithful submission to God’s will, we were able to celebrate owning the property with no encumbrances, with a mortgage burning celebration service. 

 This is a brief history of our church, but we are looking to God to take us higher in our service to Him and to the community before His return.